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The pilot patted the fuselage of the largest twin-seated glider on the airfield. “This one should be big enough. How tall are you again?”

“Six foot five. Great, let’s go,” said Finn and climbed into the cockpit.

“Hmm,” said the pilot. “The canopy won’t close. You’ll have to take the parachute off.”

Researching a novel can lead to some interesting moments. Finn decided to go ahead with the glider flight SANS parachute and…lived to tell the tale vicariously through one of the characters in the ORB-STARS series.

Finn Ambers was born and raised in a small town in the north-west of England, U.K., where he acquired the humour of good sense and an interest in words and music.

Back in 2006, Finn had an idea for a book. Ten short years later in 2016, he published his first novel. The concept for this sci-fi thriller expanded enough to fill a series which is currently in production under the ‘Orb-stars’ banner. Check the ORB-STARS SERIES page for the latest.

MUSIC. Finn started playing guitar aged 14 (or was it 13?) and was performing in local bands soon after. The compulsion to write and perform original songs followed, as did engineering and producing demos (“back then, I used a Tascam 4 track onto on cassette tape”). Music took a back seat whilst Finn investigated authordom. But the songwriting and producing bug was always there. Finn released debut track A Part Of Me in May 2022 which received a five-star semi-finalist award position in the UK Songwriting Contest. Another Christmas Finn’s second song was released 18 November 2022 gained a five-star commended award as did several unpublished songs. See the MUSIC page for more.

Finn resides in the UK with his partner and two young children.


28 May, 2022 – Link to interview on Bayside Radio about the release of debut song ‘A Part Of Me’

19 Nov, 2022 – Link to interview on Bayside Radio from 53:40


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