A Part Of Me

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“Cool! Listening in the background as I type. Love it…”

Derek Sivers, Fouder of CD Baby.

“Sweet tune…You do it all!”

Kirk McElhinney – https://www.facebook.com/KirkMcElhinney1

“Great voice. You sound like Bob Dylan.”

Simon Wynne, Bayside Radio.

Finn Ambers’ debut song ‘A Part Of Me’ was released on 27th May, 2022

“It’s been an emotional rollercoaster to finally bring this song into the public arena, and I’m excited! I think I started it in 2019. The title is apt – a large segment of my life has gone into it’s production. From composition, performing and recording to arranging, mixing and mastering.”

Finn Ambers

‘A Part Of Me’ gains a five-star rating and semi-finalist position

After being entered into the UK Songwriting Contest, Finn Ambers’ debut song has received a five-star rating and a semi-finalist position

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“My hope is that those who hear the song will be moved. It’s an emotive ballad duet with a message to those folks who are leaving and those folks who will be left behind. I hope they find some comfort in listening to it.

Finn Ambers


A big shout out to long-time friend and musician Ian Plested and his beautiful piano piece “Start My Day“. Ian collaborated on the piano track for A Part Of Me. The final adaptation is an integral piece of the song.

Another shout out to Therese from Indonesia who performed the female vocal. I’m sure you’ll agree, she brings a wonderfully sweet tone to the duet.

Finn Ambers


29/05/2022 – Bayside Radio interview: https://player.autopod.xyz/177584

08/06/2022 – North Wales Pioneer – https://www.northwalespioneer.co.uk/news/20195051.colwyn-bay-artist-praised-cd-baby-founder/


Teaser #1 posted 01 May, 2022

Teaser #2, posted 04 May, 2022


Teaser #3, posted 14 May, 2022

The chorus

Blooper #1 🙂

Blooper #2 🙂

A Part Of Me

You came into
My world, love
Oh what a sight to see
What I’d give
For you, love
You took a part
A part of me

I could not stand
To lose you
And not know where you’ll be
I need your voice, your shoulder
Say you’ll never be
Apart from me

And the things that make it real
The smiles and the tears
The laughs and the fears
A heart of gold, shining through
These things will always be
A part of me

In your eyes, a wonder
It brings a smile to me
I see a power, composure
You are strong enough
To be free

Well, now you’re gone
I told you
That I need you. See?
I’m mad as Hell I’ve lost you
Need a piece of you and peace for me

A peace for you
And peace for me
A peace for you

Oh my love, I hear you
And though you can’t hear me
What I said, still true, love
You took a part
A part of me
And I can’t see
The future
But I know you’ll be
Wise enough
On your own, now
You’ll get by with just a memory

And the things that make it real
The smiles and the tears
The laughs and the fears
A heart of gold, shining through
These things will always be
These things will always be
These things will always be
A part of me

That is yours to keep, a part of me
Though we’re apart, you’re still a part of me
I am always here, always will be
We’ll get by with just our memories
A part of me
A part of me
A part of me
A part of me
A part of me
A part of me


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